Is there a way to get task offer > acceptance functionality?

I used to use Sendgrid a few years ago, and it worked, for the most part. It was a pain to get setup, I remember that.

also used zapier for a bit, it too was kind of a pain in the bottom to setup, but it worked.

aside from that, I think a plugin to simplify the need to just send an email and interact with kanboard would be nice. I’m thinking PhpImap: GitHub - barbushin/php-imap: Manage mailboxes, filter/get/delete emails in PHP (supports IMAP/POP3/NNTP)

I just built a plugin to test it out, and it worked fine, in about 30 mins I was able to connect to an imap server (i just used a google account), check for mail, and get all the info in the mail, from, to, message, subject, even attachment.

probably wouldnt be to hard to build a fully functional plugin that could do a lot with emails using PhpImap. I’ll think about it.

Some screenshots:

Send an email to a task:

Email shows up on the task:

Server setup:

So, currently, how I set it up is, you connect it to a mail server, in this instance I made a google account. If you want to email a task you simply use Task# followed by the tasks number, and then the email address of the mail account. in this instance, Task#1<>

When you go into the task, and choose Task Email on the sidebar, it checks the mail server and displays the mails that relate to that task.

I didn’t do anything fancy, but it could be very fancy.

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