Ticketing system-form for creating tasks

Is anyone aware of a plugin or another tool that can be linked to kanboard in order to create tasks from a form? or create directly in the DB the task? I know that there are some possibilities to create tasks from mails, but this is not applicable in our situation.
My colleagues spend a lot of time in order to fill information from a pdf filled form into Kanboard.

I must mention that my programming skills are close to 0

Maybe you should look at the API.


I 've made a php form with attachment that updates sqlite so each ticket correspond to a Kanboard card, php must run on the same server where Kanboard is running, its not a plugin it was made for a similar reason .


So I found osticket as a possible ticketing tool for Kanboard, i manged to find an old plugin on github in order to transfer the tasks from OS ticket to Kanboard via Api.

Now i have another issue.
For Kanboard i’m using IIS with windows authentication and revers proxy plug-in. If Windows authentication is disabled and anonymous authentication is enabled the “transfer” of the ticket works wising the API authentification, but once i enable this i get an 401.1 HTTP Error 401.2 - Unauthorized
(You are not authorized to view this page due to invalid authentication headers). I

Did anyone encounter this issue? i think something is not ok in my server setup.