Create tasks / comments by email

I installed this plugin GitHub - kanboard/plugin-mailgun: [NOT MAINTAINED] Mailgun Email Integration for Kanboard by Frédéric Guillot but it requires Mailgun which appears not to have a free version. Flexible Pricing & Email Delivery Plans - Email API Service | Mailgun
Is there another plugin that can create tasks by email? Old discussion seems to be indicate this is not easy to setup with kanboard. I want to quickly post new content for Content Marketing project from phone.

Well, allowing up to 5000 mails per month with the trial version, is IMHO more than fair. If this isn’t enough for you, why should it still be free?

Just my 2 cents.

I cannot confirm this at all. Out of curiosity, I’ve installed and set up the plugin. It works like a charm.

it’s for the first month only sadly.

It would be great to be able to use your own mailbox via IMAP and just send an email which gets parsed into a task. But I am not coded that way to make that happen haha.

I’m uncertain if I understand this.

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Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that.

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Great idea! Let me think about it.

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Hello @alfredb, thanks a lot for your reply.
Mailgun is free for a 30-day free trial, then $35/month.
It’s only a free trial. You have to pay after 30 days.

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I agree. Just regular imap would be great. $35 / month not cheap. I’m sort of surprised they are charging so much with so many free options out there.

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not sure if its still relevant, but i used to use zapier for this when i needed it. worked fine and was easy to set up. times have changed so, might not be free anymore.

Hey there at Kanboard-forum,
I actually have a rough ALPHA-version of a plugin that will act as a kanboard-cronjob and fetch mails from a mailbox and turn them into new tasks.

It is currently a private REPO on my github-account, but I might consider opening it to the public.
Although it ran for several months in our company without errros, it is still in a very BASIC state.

I didn’t touch it for over a year, so I’ll have to wrap my head around it and make a roadmap of what still needs to be done, but from what I remember now, here’s a brief list:

  • Create ADMIN-interface to add, edit and delete settings
    • Settings allow for different mail accounts to be polled and for each one you can define into which project the tasks will be created
    • Currently i have manually added the required data into the database-tables, so there is actually really no ADMIN-interface at all!!
  • I planned to be able to create an automated reply-mail to each incoming new task with an “ID-tag” in the subject
    • And then add options to identify these “ID-tags” in order to turn future replies to those automated replies into comments in the given taks instead of creating a new task
      • Thus creating a real “ticket”-system, where any intial mail will trigger a new task, but replies to the initial response will add comments to each “thread”
  • Although the current version already converts attachments in the polled mails into attachments for the new task, there might still be a lot to test and check in environments other than mine (where it worked fine for months)

Is anybody willing and able to contribute to the plugin ?

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i also have a relevant repo, that i do recall actually worked with imap.

i stopped working on it because eventually gmail denies the emails, like within a day or two. i have no idea how far i got on it. i was only interested in gmail at the time, and gmail just didnt like using imap.


If we neatened up the plugin frontend side etc, would this work with a private imap mail server instead of gmail?

I can help with the frontend design and styling providing I can directly commit and not have to do pull requests every time. But I dont know much about the functioning part.

i dont see why not. was using php-imap.

i never tested beyond gmail.

i just tested with gmx using imap, it worked on kb v1.2.19, it did not work on v1.2.26, i did not look into where the issue is on newer version (my guess would be the difference in PHP versions from those containers, so it probably has more to do with PHP 8). also, you need to install php-imap on your server to make this work, i.e. apk add php-imap

its setup, so that you can send emails directly to a task. you can see each tasks “task email” to use to send directly to a task. also think i added an ability to download any attachments and delete emails from the interface, thats about as far as i went, it’s very basic but i had lots of ideas at the time, adding anything else would be fairly simple, just never did anything with it because gmail eventually blocks it. Whether GMX blocks it eventually, remains to be seen.

ok, so from a user perspective, there is no way to use the built-in kanboard mailing system with an imap mail server hosted elsewhere?

do you have a screenshot of the settings/interface?

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the kanboard server, or where the mail server is installed?