New Plugin: Mailmagik

:magic_wand: Mailmagik for Kanboard

Have you ever asked yourself, how do I send an email to Kanboard to create a task?
Did someone suggest the Mailgun Plugin, and you got stumped, annoyed, and finally figured it out to realize that it cost your hard earned money to keep using it?
Did someone then suggest something like Zapier and the API to try to accomplish this, and you found yourself asking WTF are they talking about?


Install this plugin today, connect to an IMAP server of your choosing, and boom! You will be making Mailmagik in no time!

So come on, give it a go, and let’s all make Mailmagik happen together!

This plugin allows you to connect Kanboard directly to an IMAP server. Once connected, you can:

  1. Send emails directly to a task
  2. Send emails to a project to automatically be converted into a task within the project
  3. Send emails to a task to automatically convert into a task comment

Awesome! Will test that as soon as possible!

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Thanks for thinking on it, making it and sharing to us. No doubt it is a huge present for friendship’s day.


Thanks for this plugin, this is a real time saver for my workflow.

This plugin is great, but i haven’t been able to achieve 2 and 3. I love 1 though! it’s been useful.

If 1 works, 2 and 3 are capable of working. You are just not doing something correctly.

You must:

  • Enable the action within the project by adding the action, and choose whether to use the cron or fetchmail
  • the sender of the mail must have permissions within the roles config of the project, matched by email
  • cron must be setup to run, and how often it runs will determine how often it checks for mail.
    Same is true for the fetchmail.
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It would be very helpful if you tell us what you already tried and what the outcome was.

My issue would then be setting up the chron on my install.

I have used both the “Subject” Line Parsing and the “To” Parsing but have been but have been unable to convert an email to a task or comment (with the actions enabled). So I was leaning towards there being an issue with my chron job, but I haven’t been able to trouble shoot.

I have been able to go into a tasks and pull the emails sent to the server by clicking on “Tasks Email” in the sidebar.

My Use Cases:

Parse from the “TO” field

Scenario One:
I send an email with the To address: Project#3<> with the automatic actions set up within the project from the email that is assigned to the project.

The email never converts to a task.

Any suggestions?

You can test your cron via url

If running the cron via url causes the email to convert, then you do in fact have a cron issue.

If it doesnt convert the email to a task, you have a permissions issue, and the email of the sender does not have roles within the project. Example: create a user with the email address using to send the email, give them permissions(member or manager) within the project you are using mailmagik

Thank you for helping dig into this.

I tried to test the cron via URL and received a “Access Forbidden” notification. However, I am the admin and the installer of the instance. So there might be an issue there.

I also reviewed the email associated with my admin account. I have multiple emails associated to my outlook so I will verify if it’s sending with the correct email.

All in all, thank you for all your feedback and i will test this week . I’ll follow up with anything I learn. Thank you!

Ya, its a cron issue. If you get access forbidden, your cron didnt run, and therefore, it cant perform the action. If it succeeded, it would say, “cronjob ran successfully” or something similar.

Although, it could be you used the wrong token.

It’s the webhook token from the sidebar in the admin settings area right?

Yes, use the token from Settings->Webhooks.

Keep in mind that the argument cronjob doesn’t trigger Mailmagik, you have to use mailmagik:fetchmail instead.

Thank you very much for the great plugin. Is it also possible to insert data directly into a metamagic field. I would love to have this - I would also make a payment for it.

Could it be coded to do so, ya, probably.

Thats a pretty custom use case, i wouldnt be interested in adding as a general tool though.

I doubt there is an amount of general donation that could persuade me to do it either, but someone could surprise me.

The use case is indeed very special, but interesting anyway, maybe too complicated.

I dont think it would be too complicated.

I would think something like parsing the email for a unique identifier followed by the metamagic field.
i.e. !!mmfield:value

And then use the value to insert into the db.

We know what fields there are and what to parse for, and perform checks to make sure they exist.

That said, i dont even have time to keep my plugins up to date, so i doubt i can be bothered to actually do this.

I use kanboard for a planning board for orders. It would be worth a lot of money to me if i could automatically display orders from the online store in kanboard and fill the metadata from metamagic (or/and also the standard fields of kanboard). I am open for offers :wink:

If you define a lot, it might be worth it to me.

You would also need to define what it is exactly you want to be able to do, and how you are expecting it to function, so that the parameters are clear.

I also wouldnt cut alfred out, unless he wants no part of it.

If you want to discuss offline, my contact info can be found here: creecros (Craig Crosby) · GitHub

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