Variable in email subject

Dear community,

I am wondering if I can use variables as part of the email subject. The actions allow me to choose a custom subject. Nevertheless my email client groups mails with the same title, hence I have to be quite careful to not oversee any mail. Idea could be to add the task title, e.g. "New task "

Off topic: I solved some other topic but I am blocked to reply to the same threat due to my newbe status. Any idea how to chance this as I like to share solutions with the community as well.

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which emails, in particular?

I use automatic actions for different things, e.g.

Send a task by email to assignee
Event name = Task creation
Column = Ideen
Email subject = Neue Aufgabe

Instead if “Neue Aufgabe” I would prefer a task specific email subject, e.g. “Neue Aufgabe: Update Kanboard (#999)”

Any idea?

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totally doable. are you comfortable editing the action? or do you need help?

actually, I just noticed thats one of my actions. ill add an option to include the task title to the end like that for you, next week, when I’m off Vacation.

Happy to hear and no hurry at all - vacation is important!

I created the actions via the admin browser interface if you mean this. If it is code in the config files: Would be OK but advise would be very helpful in this case. I use different actions and also plugins. Are there limitations or do they somehow use the same technique for email notification?

I do not know about the mid-term plan: Maybe some principle variables might be an interesting approach to make the usage easier for different purposes and different people?

Best and happy NYE!

what ill do is edit the code to present a checkbox option, allowing you to include the task title in the subject. so when you set up the action, the options presented would look like the below

Send a task by email to assignee
Event name = Task creation
Column = Ideen
Email subject = Neue Aufgabe
Include task title = true

if Include task title is true then the subject result will be like you requested, Neue Aufgabe: Task title(#111)

else it will be like previously.

you can then look at the commit, and see what code was added, and how it works, to apply to other actions that you use.

Dear Creecros,

any news yet?

Thanks and best

maybe today. crusader kings 3 has ruled my free time as of late.

You get to test it, I don’t really have the time.

thank you a lot - increadible service!

I replaced the 4 files withing the plugin folder and restarted kanboard. Nevertheless I now get a strange error page when entering the kanboard main page. When replacing with the original files everything works again.

what was error, can you post a screenshot? also, try actually installing it from the master.

and, remove your old actions, they will be missing variables for the new action.

I fully re-placed the plugin. Kanboard itself works. I also checked that the downloaded master contains the mentioned changes.
Unfortunately if I try to create a new proper action, there is no field to select to include the task title to the subject (see screenshot).

You are caching php on your server. reboot your server hosting kanboard.

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Thank you for the hint - works!
I regenerated my actions, perfect; thank you!
As I use Greenwing theme I added a issue to support the checkbox. Currently I just have to enter “yes” into the text field: Support for Check box "Include Task Title and ID in subject line?" for "Auto Email Extended Actions" Plugin · Issue #36 · Confexion/Greenwing · GitHub


I added a German translation as well (first time to contribute to github ;-)).
Unfortunately I had a missing comma here: Comparing creecros:master...MatzeMuc86:patch-1 · creecros/SendEmailCreator · GitHub
patch-2 should be fine: Comparing creecros:master...MatzeMuc86:patch-2 · creecros/SendEmailCreator · GitHub
I could not find out how to correct / delete.

Any chance to add the same option to include title into mail subject for overdue mail notification?


yes, next chance I get, for some reason I thought it already did. not sure why I thought that…

edit: I will add like I did the others, but after checking, if you leave the subject blank, it will defualt to include project name, task title, due in.