Send someone (other than creator or assignee) an email when a task is edited or when a comment is added

Up until the last couple weeks I would receive an email when someone would edit or update a task, even though I am not the creater or assignee.

Also, I would receive an email when anyone would add a comment to a task, even though I am not the assignee or creater.

I need those emails to stay on top of constant changes with our business. I can’t find those settings anywhere.

Following plugin is installed. It appears to be the only one that is related to sending emails. If someone deleted a plugin, I don’t know about it.
Name: Auto Email Extended Actions
Authur: Craig Crosby
Version: 1.2.0

Kanboard Application Version 1.2.11

Yes, I’m a total newbie to this end of it. Forgive me if my terminology isn’t correct. A previous employee created the Kanboard for us. He left and now I get to fend for myself. This has been working flawlessly and does exactly what we need for over a year since he left, but now we have these issues. I know just enough to get myself in trouble on my own, but smart enough to leave it alone if I don’t know exactly what’s going on.

I forgot to include that under User > Actions > Notifications I do have Email and Web checked. All Tasks is checked. Every project (8 of them) is checked also. I even turned all of those off, saved, logged out. Went back and rechecked them all, saved, logged out again and logged back in. Same results.

I am receiving notifications via the notification bell at the top of the screen, I just need them to come to my email. Thanks for any help!

So someone left, and now you are taking over, and things stopped working as usual?

Is this within a new project, or the same previous project?

Same previous project. He left about a year ago.

Ok, so that has nothing to do with it…

So, it sounds like all of a sudden, you just arent getting emails.

Take a look at your config.php, see if there are any email settings. My first suspicion would be you were using SMTP to send emails, and maybe those credentials are no longer valid.

Email settings… has the correct active email address and Email Transport is set on sendmail.

I still receive emails when a new task is created by anyone. It also still sends me an email when a task is automatically closed (automatic actions), a day after it has been finalized/completed in a certain column/swimlane.

Ok, so email does work…

Its just the type of notifications you once got, you no longer get?

Honestly, im at a loss. I saw my name, thought i might be able to help, and realize now this has nothing to do with my plugin.

Has anything changed recently that you can think off? Emails arent going to spam?

Correct. I wasn’t sure if it was plugin related or not. Didn’t mean to alarm anyone!

I checked spam and all email filters to make sure they weren’t being automatically sorted into another folder. A few days ago I cleaned out a lot of storage space on email just to make sure. All normal emails seem to come and go like normal. It’s just these particular emails I originally mentioned that I’m not getting.

Nothing that I know of has changed with my email or with any kanboard settings. Almost no one has access to that stuff except a couple people that never login to it. I checked with them and they haven’t touched a thing. I appreciate you trying to help though.

check your groups… are you part of any groups? do you use the group_assign plugin? Check project permissions?

Just some ideas

After reading through your story, I have to ask you: Do you know that “someone” excludes yourself? You’ll never get notifications for your own activities.

BTW: Welcome to the forum, @kellfree.

I am a part of 2 groups. That has went unchanged for several years.

I’ve been through every project we have and looked at every possible setting. Not just scanning through, but looking in depth and making sure I’m not overlooking anything. If it’s there, I’m just totally missing it.

We do not use the group_assign plugin, but after looking at the features of it I may try my hand at installing that plugin and setting everything up. It looks like that has most if not all of the features I need. I guess I will download a backup of everything first. The last thing I need to do is crash it and lose everything.

Thank you for brainstorming this!

Yes. I know I don’t get notifications from my own activities. Although, after yesterday setting up some automatic actions (Send someone an email…) I now get a couple of them. Like if I close a task or move a task from one column to another. I don’t mind if it sends my own to me, at least I get them for when other people do it too.

They look different in my email than previously. I really enjoy the way I labeled the subject line for those emails with which column the task was moved to or which column it was in when closed. That is so helpful in throwing up some red flags for me and it lets me know to investigate. The new ones I setup do not have the Task ID # in the email subject line, so I know the emails I was previously getting for others moving tasks or closing them were coming from a different place. Although, I am still getting emails from when others close a task or when auto actions close (after 2 days in the finished column) tasks that DO include the task id #. So now I get 2 for when others users close a task. 1 with the task id #, and now 1 with the column a task was in when closed. They come in back to back so that is very helpful. At a glance I can see what’s going on without opening that email. (Sorry for getting carried away explaining.)

The auto actions just seem limited on sending emails. No option there to alert me of others editing a task or when they comment on it. The group assign plugin that aljawaid mentioned may be my work around here. Who knows? I may have had that plugin and somehow it was removed. I’m going to get some screen shots of certain things so if something like this happens in the future, I can compare to previous settings, plugins, etc.

Thanks for trying to help. I appreciate it.

There should be an auto action to notify you when someone comments on an task, via the plugin Auto Email Extended Actions.