Watcher feature on Kanboard

I am newbie as kanboard user. I have tried to create task in one project and I hope member users of the project will be notified via email by kanboard, but they didn’t. Is there watcher feature on Kanboard of notifiying member for any update of task?
Thank you.

You could enable notifications on board/project basis in your user settings. (but not per task)

Ok. I will try.

Thank you very much.

I have tried what you suggested me, but the email notification was only sent to Admin, not to user that I enable its email notification. Is it bug of kanboard or there is another way?

I think the user has to enable e-mail notifications as well.

also, in the default settings only the assignee and the creator of a task will receive notifications.
Lastly, you can @-mention users in the project description or in comments which should cause a notification.

Hope that helps,


Thank you Sebastian for your update…