Send notifications to the task creator

Hello, maybe someone can tell how add notification to task creator if he not added to the project.

I have special project for requests/bugs/support my users, they are not added to the project so as not to see the tasks of other users. Creation/viewing/commenting for users i implemented by using Kanboard API. But even though they are labeled as task creators, they don’t have notifications.

p.s. the settings are correct, if they are added to the project, the notifications work

Interesting Question, unfortunately I don’t have a real answer – only a primitive workaround.

  1. I created an email forward like “” (of course with a more friendly name
  2. Created a KANBOARD account for “
  3. added forward targets for all people who should know about changes to
  4. And assigned Task to “UsersWho …”

An alternative might be RSS feed with email notifications via blogtrottr, may be I will try soon.



if they are not added to the project, then they will not get notifications.

read the model, and you will understand why.

you could override the model to suit your need.

Thanks for answers. I found a way to do this.

If you only want email notifications just install this plugin and add action:

and this solved the problem.

But I also needed notifications in telegram and discord:

[github domain]/kanboard/plugin-slack (sorry for broken link but new users can’t post more than 2 links)

I am not a programmer, but I found a solution by moving the functions from these plugins to SendEmailCreator, rename duplicates and a little edited function “doAction” .

I was able to run it after many tries, debugging mod helped me and everything works well :slight_smile:
If you want to see this code, write to me. But I do not guarantee that there are no fatal errors in my code that I did not notice.

Problem solved.