Error Connexion Web

Hello ,

I’ve got a big problem with my kanboard.
I have several users who cannot connect. this problem is really annoying for my users …
Affter SSO they have this error when they are in the application
Do you have an idea of ​​resolution? Do you know where this problem comes from?!

Thanks for your help !

I only have experience with Kanboard + Google OAUTH sign-in, but here are some things to look at:

  • Does it happen if you log in without single sign-on?
  • What do your web server and PHP logs say?

I am in the process of requesting to be able to remove the automatic authentication (SSO) …

I can’t find my connection logs! when i go to /var/log/ i don’t have “acceslist” do you have any idea?
I’ve juste have /audit/ in my log that looks but remains weird.

Thanks for your help

Sorry, no. Logs can be a lot of different places. If you have access to your web server’s config files you might be able to figure out where they are.