Error Connexion Web

Hello ,

I’ve got a big problem with my kanboard.
I have several users who cannot connect. this problem is really annoying for my users …
Affter SSO they have this error when they are in the application
Do you have an idea of ​​resolution? Do you know where this problem comes from?!

Thanks for your help !

I only have experience with Kanboard + Google OAUTH sign-in, but here are some things to look at:

  • Does it happen if you log in without single sign-on?
  • What do your web server and PHP logs say?

Sorry, no. Logs can be a lot of different places. If you have access to your web server’s config files you might be able to figure out where they are.

My users made a mistake when changing their settings… with connexion SSO

Personally, I would use an error search method before pointing to a potential problem and asserting that it is the real problem.
First I will deactivate SSO. This will allow me to test the application with local user accounts.
Then, if I don’t have any conclusive results, I will look for a source of the problem in relation to the error message. Here is a redirect problem, This kind of problem can come from the configuration of the domain in apache.
A common source of redirection problems are rewriting Urls. This can happen when they are poorly defined, for example when setting the domain to https or loop forwarding between the rewriting URL and the DNS server declaration.
Hoping to have brought my stone to the edifice.

On the other hand, the message clearly informs that the problem can come from “cookies”. Check the authorization of the use of “cookies”. It must be certain that the problem is present on all browsers, all workstations, all types of browsers (firefox, chromium, chrome, etc.).