Error sending mail

Hello! After installation, there was a problem with sending mail. I chose mail transport and SMTP server - no difference.

Deprecated: Callables of the form [“Swift_Message”, “Swift_Mime_SimpleMessage::__construct”] are deprecated in …/libs/swiftmailer/classes/Swift/Message.php on line 46
Deprecated: Callables of the form [“Swift_MailTransport”, “Swift_Transport_MailTransport::__construct”] are deprecated in …/libs/swiftmailer/classes/Swift/MailTransport.php on line 28
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at …/app/Core/Http/Response.php on line 222

Maybe someone had this problem too?

Yep, I saw this after switching to PHP8. There is no warning with PHP7. The mail is sent in both configurations.

Thanks for your feedback! I didn’t see any restrictions in PHP version requirements.

Any information when the bug will be fixed?

Well, it’s not a bug or error, it’s a deprecation warning. If you tune the PHP error reporting to a lower strength, e.g. to my standard value


the message disappears.

Did not help. There are new warnings. I had to change the PHP version. I hope over time there will be support for a new version of PHP.

This answer is not helpful at all. Which PHP, which new warnings?

I’m sorry. In the overview tab:
htmlspecialchars() passing null to parameter #1
I switched to PHP version 7.4. Hopefully, kanboard will support PHP 8 or higher.

From Requirements and Prerequisites - Kanboard Documentation

My Kanboard is running with PHP Version 8.2.4 without any serious problem.

Unfortunately, I have multiple warnings on PHP 8.2. And on PHP 7.4 they are not. Maybe my hosting is set up differently and I can’t hide the error report.

Thank you a lot! This helped me.
Signed in just to say it.

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