Find all children to a specific task

Hi all,
I assigned multiple tasks as children to another task. Now I want to search for these tasks in my Kanboard - so that only those are shown.
I’m new to Kanboard and not familiar with the search syntax yet, I tried different combinations, e.g. with “link: “is a children of””, but so far without any success.

Example: #1 is a parent of #2, #3. Additionally, there is an unrelated task #4 on the Kanboard. Now I’m searching with something like “#1 link:“is a children of”” hoping that only #2 and #3 (and maybe #1) is shown.

I’m using Kanboard version 1.2.20.

Kind regards, Max

The search link:"is a child of" 1 should work, showing only the children of the task #1.

Hi alfredb,
unfortunately this returns an empty list.
Does this work for you? So is it maybe something in the settings?

Yes, it works here as expected. It also works without an ID argument, this results in all tasks that are children.

Are your child tasks really linked with the parent #571?