Filter to hide tasks that are child of another task (and only show top-level tasks)


I have a board that contains all the projects for my team, with one card for each project. But I usually need to divide the biggest projects in smaller tasks to get dedicated commentary feeds, deadlines, etc. I link those smaller tasks as children to their project’s task.

Most of the time it’s handy to see all of the team’s tasks on one board, but sometimes I need to see the big projects only, for example to show “the big picture” to my hierarchy.

So I developed a task link filter to hide all the tasks that are child of another task. I thought that maybe it could be useful for someone else, so I sent a PR with my small contribution here :

Hope it helps!

By the way, thanks to the developers for the good work on this great tool!

I do the same thing, only I keep my big projects in a separate “project” and the associated children in another project. So, basically, I have a project board and a task board.