Google Authentication Call Back Error - Any Ideas?

I have successfully set up Google Authentication with another third party app using my gsuite google developer console. However I am not having any success getting kanboard to work.

I am using the Google OAuth callback URL that the plugin proposes e.g.

I set up the user in Kanboard and set to remote user.

When the user tries to login using google log on they are authenticated fine but then they are redirected back to kanboard fine but the call back plugin seems to not be processing the call back properly or its malformed by google- so it fails and ends up at a 404 page not found on mydomain.

Any advice on how to resolve this issue or your success with this plugin in general would be greatly appreciated tks

I got Google Auth working with my own kanboard install. My “Authorized redirect URI” looks different from yours though. Here’s a screenshot of what I set mine to.

It took me awhile to get it working initially, but once I figured out Google’s kind of weird interface it worked like a charm.

Thanks very much for getting back. Unfortunately I am still getting the same error.
Have parked it for now tks again N

Just a quick check assume that uri is ?

I host my kanboard on a subdomain, so it looks more like: