How change order in board selector


I need to change order in board selector

i need order by Id project, not by name.

I search in app but i don’t know where can change this

thank you for you’re help

I think I’m starting to understand how this works.
i replaced ->asc(‘name’) by ->asc(‘id’). in model projectmodel.php

but, in my kanboard, boardlist agon order by name and not by id. I don’t understand.

you cant make changes to code and expect to see any change, if you havent restarted the server containing the code, because by default, most servers, cache that code.

thank you.

i restarted the server, off course, before asking this :slight_smile:


i am guessing here. try a ksort, vs an asort.

or add:
->asc('id') before the getAll and remove the asort all together.

or, do what you already did, and remove the asort. (you will need to also do the projectGroupRoleModel aswell, because it is grabbing the data from multiple models.

the ksort(if it works) would be the easiest solution, only need to do in one place. If ksort doesn’t work, it could be a usort, but you would need to define to sort by id, let me see if i can find an example.


the more i think about it, for the combined model data, it has to have the sort, pretty sure its going to be the usort.

I have no servers running to test, sorry.

thank you for you’re help

i will try after work :slight_smile:

no change…
i will add in number of week in the title.

if I get a moment, I’ll spin up a server and play around.