Kanboard 1.2.27

List of Changes

  • Fix category filter when the category name is a number
  • Better handling of max file upload size according to PHP settings
    • Allow unlimited size
    • Better parsing of PHP size
  • Add dropdown menu on the board to reorder tasks by ID
  • Separate font-family specification for input and textarea. This avoids the use of !important in custom CSS
  • Change the total number of tasks displayed in the table header to match the description “Total number of tasks in this column across all swimlanes”
  • Allow full name to be retrieved by the reverse proxy authentication
  • Fix pull-right CSS class alignment
  • Use a separate dropdown menu for column sorting
  • Use assertEqualsWithDelta() to test time_spent
  • Add color_id argument to tag API procedures
  • Update task time spent/estimated when removing a subtask
  • Command db:migrate should work even if DB_RUN_MIGRATIONS is false
  • Always trim the username before saving changes in the database
  • Avoid Postgres SQL error when using project filter with a large integer
  • Enable Sqlite WAL mode by default:
    • WAL provides more concurrency as readers do not block writers and,
      a writer does not block readers. Reading and writing can proceed concurrently.
      This change might reduce the number of errors related to locked databases.
  • Update translations
  • Update PHP dependencies: phpunit/phpunit, symfony/stopwatch and symfony/finder

Thanks for the new update, Frédéric! One little question: I changed my installation the way so that I now can update the app with git. I backed up everything, of course. It seem to work, yet now it shows in the settings:

“Version: main.unknown_revision”

Is this a bug in this release or is it a hint that I made a mistake?

Thanks for your reply!

Hi ! Just updated !

Am I the only one with a creator bug ?

Since the update, when a new task is created, column creator_id stays at 0 in the tasks table

I cannot confirm this.

This is the result of installing from main repo.


Ah, thanks. So I assum you want to tell me and other that this is normal? Thanks for your reply! (=

If you install from the main repo, you are installing from a versionless repo. the main repo is always under development, therefore it is not a version. this is a bad idea, because any PRs that date after an official release, would be included in your versionless install, therefore, you do not have a version, you are in between the previous version and the upcoming version. Now, imagine there were PRs, after version 1.2.27, that you have now installed from the main repo, and issues are caused by those PRs. You report said Issues, and state that you are using the latest version 1.2.27, where in fact, you are not. Problems become hard to solve. Moral of the story, always install from release. (Basically, you are using that version, at your own risk)

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Thanks for explaining, creecros! I see. I am aware though that this is “own risk and always development branch”. But still it’s good to know and I will keep this in mind, what you wrote.

Info: The idea behind this was: it just is quicker for me to do a git pull via SSH on my webspace providers site instead of uploading all the files manually. BookStack actually works the same, while Dan created a dedicated release branch for this purpose as you can see in the repo:

Maybe this could be an option for Frédéric as well, of course only in case he might find it useful. In the meantime I will try to keep an eye on the pull and might do a merge with a manual merge instead to only have the correct recent version active.

git checkout tags/<tag_name>

Not sure that will fix your version number, but at least you can be 100% sure which version you are using. It is however a constant, so you could checkout the correct tag, and re define the constant if needed.

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Nope, still does not show the version number. But good to know how to checkout a tag; this was new to me. Thank you!

Edit: Just found out that it is possible to have a app/version.txt file, which can contain the string for the version, which then will be used for showing the version. It is not in .gitignore, though. So git status will inform about this file when added manually; but it’s nice to have!

// Application version
defined('APP_VERSION') or define('APP_VERSION', getenv('APP_VERSION') ?: build_app_version(' (HEAD -> main, tag: v1.2.27)', '0620c13d71ee429ae8cbd5b1324487fd66157c48'));

I didn’t, and I won’t try, but it seems that APP_VERSION can be fooled by environment.

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