Kanboard 1.2.22

List of Changes

  • Add support for PHP 8.x
  • Remove project_id from task URLs
  • Update da_DK translations
  • Add automatic action to set the due date when the task is moved away from a specific column
  • Condense wording on inferred action and update translations
  • Add EVENT_CREATE and EVENT_CREATE_UPDATE events to TaskMoveColumnCategoryChange action

Hello! I see the PHP Version has been set to 7.4 minimum.

I’m not in a position to run that yet, I’m still on Debian 10 with PHP 7.3

I have commented out the 7.4 check and everything seems to be working. I realise of course I’m insane and if I breaks I get to keep both pieces, but does anyone know if there are specific 7.4 calls in the code that will hard break on 7.3? I haven’t seen any yet.

I guess what I’m asking is new 7.4 minimum a hard requirement due to a new php call, or is it just being done for good housekeeping and future plans.

Kind Regards,