Kanboard 1.2.23

List of Changes

  • Open SVG, Ogg, and some video file attachments in browser
  • Added more video, music, code and spreadsheet extensions to show better file attachment icons
  • Updated jQuery to latest stable version
  • Updated Docker image to PHP 8.1 and Alpine Linux 3.16
  • Renamed default branch from master to main
  • Bumped phpunit/phpunit from 9.5.14 to 9.5.23
  • Bumped symfony/finder from 5.4.3 to 5.4.11
  • Fixed subtask translation when using different languages
  • Added Project Overview document template hook
  • Updated translations
  • Fixed wrong foreign key constraint on table subtask_time_tracking table. The constraints references a no-longer-existing table task_has_subtasks
  • Fixed regression regarding subtask reordering
  • Changed minimum requirement to PHP 7.4
    • PHP versions lower than 7.4 are end-of-life: PHP: Supported Versions
    • Libraries used by Kanboard have dropped support for older versions of PHP
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