Kanboard v1.2.21

List of Changes

  • Fix and update Composer autoload
  • Add plugin hook for document attachments
  • Improve board column header alignment
  • Ignore project_id for file attachments download URL (already checked elsewhere)
  • Update translations
  • Clarify meaning of LDAP_USER_CREATION in config.default.php
  • Fix wrong internal link when converting a subtask to task (MySQL only)
  • Use the overridable Markdown parser for previews
  • Update call_user_func_array() calls to be compatible with PHP 8
  • Enable external group synchronization deactivation
  • Fix tooltip shifting on long descriptions
  • Add position argument to API procedure updateSubtask()
  • Bump Docker image to Alpine 3.15.0
  • Bump symfony/stopwatch to 5.4.0
  • Bump pimple/pimple to 3.5.0