Kanboard v1.2.15

List of changes:

  • Update dependencies
  • Added PUT method using CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST
  • Run integration tests on Github Actions
  • Fixed capitalization of sAMAccountName for LDAP_USER_ATTRIBUTE_USERNAME example
  • Added missing closing HTML tag in template
  • Update Docker image to Alpine 3.12
  • Removed paragonie/random_compat (not required for PHP 7)
  • Setup Dependabot on GitHub
  • Allow use of the user’s DN as the group filter substitution
  • Add subtask events to ProjectModificationDateSubscriber
  • Update Vagrantfile to Ubuntu 20.04
  • Open large modal when clicking on edit category link
  • Set margin-bottom at 0 only for the last child of a tooltip element
  • Prevent last swimlane to be hidden if there is only one
  • Execute tooltip listeners only once when the DOM is ready
  • Use Ajax request for Markdown preview
  • Make tooltip events bubble
  • Keep newlines in markdown
  • Show the color dropdown when creating a new automatic action
  • Update translations
  • Correct duration calculation
  • Copy subtask assignee when duplicating a task
  • Save task list order in user session
  • Add action to assign a user when the swimlane change
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Is there any roadmap to upgrade from 1.2.14 to 1.2.15?
How to upgrade and mantain the current settings?

Normally it’s:

  • Make a copy of data folder
  • Backup and Delete old release
  • Copy over new release
  • Copy data files back
  • Reconfigure config.php

Since there has been no changes to config.php, you can just copy it out and replace the new release version with the old config file.

But there has been a report of 1.2.15 breaking comments posting randomly. So I’ve held off upgrading