How high will the Task ID count? And does it roll over?


My dev team has been evaluating Kanboard for about a month. We’ve generated about 800 task IDs so far. It appears that the task ID is unique within the database-- new projects do not start task IDs at one. So I am wondering… how high will the Task ID go? And does it eventually roll over?

Is there a configuration option to reset task numbering for a new project?

Many thanks!

The task ID is stored as integer in the database.

  • The maximum value for a signed integer in Mysql and Postgresql seems to be 2147483647.
  • For Sqlite, a signed integer can use up to 8 bytes, so the maximum value would be something like 9223372036854775807.

Since you have created 800 tasks, you still have enough room for 2147482847 or 9223372036854775007 tasks.

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Thanks @fred for your response! I am running a MariaDB (mysql) database.

I suppose that even if we open up use of Kanboard to other groups, at 10,000 tasks/ mo, we would still get 18 years of unique IDs.

I am still wondering, what are my options at that point? I am not a database programmer… In layman’s terms, does this mean that the database would be “full”? Would I need to disconnect the database and attach a new one?

I’m trying to understand the limitations of Kanboard before advocating for broader use of the tool by my organization.

Thanks for the discussion.