Long Loading Time with 125 Tasks


I was trying Kanboard for Task Management and its an excellent tool. Thanks for that.

In one of my New Project I have created 125 Tasks assigned to a same User. It takes around 25 seconds for each action(move a Task from one column to another column in the board). While I filter it to few Tasks in the board then its performing normal(upto 3 seconds). I understand it takes longer due to the UI loading.

I have hosted this in Heroku free dyno. postgres free.

Please let me know if this processing time can be improved with higher CPU configuration? If so can someone advice on the best spec? Thanks.

Dinesh - I tried an experiment with my production Kanboard server running on 1 CPU, 2GB RAM virtual machine with Kanboard, Apache, and PostgreSQL. I created a project and assigned a user 160 tasks. The bulk creation of the tasks took maybe 6-8 seconds. But after that, moving tasks to different columns seemed instantaneous (<1 second).

Plugins I’m using:

  • Bigboard
  • Gantt
  • Google Authentication
  • Calendar

Kanboard’s documentation has some info on performance. In particular, when I first started using Kanboard I noticed that enabling email notifications can slow it down dramatically, which is documented on that performance page. I set up a proxy smtp server on the Kanboard VM, which solved all my email-related performance issues.

If you follow that performance guide and look for bottlenecks, where is Kanboard taking the longest?

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Hi JohnWoltman,

Firstly thanks for checking that out for me. I am currently using 512MB RAM so I am going to increase that to 2 GB and see if that fixes this. All the other things like PostgreSQL or plugins are pretty much the same in my case too.

Also I would be interested to know, with the 1 CPU and 2GB RAM, how many Users is your production system supports without delay or performance issue? I am just trying to understand what configuration does Kanboard requires. Thanks again!

There are ten users total (small company) but usually only 5 at a time. No one, including myself, has noticed a performance issue so far. We’ve only been using Kanboard about 3 months, so we also don’t have too many projects yet (maybe 30?).

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HI !!
This database Sqlite not having than power for multiples tasks.

migrate to Postgresql is most interested , see the number generator cards, more 30.000

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