Kanboard Performance Issues?

Do you attach task-related files inside the task, or do you use an external service for file uploads?

I read that Kanboard is slowing down after 500+ tasks, is this related to file uploads inside Kanboard or are there any other issues causing slowing down?

Im on task 690 - no performance issues

I use inside the task for pics and screenshots and small files. For videos or large files, I use nextcloud

What’s the maximum file upload size that you have per task?

To determine the maximum size of attachment you use for inline uploads.

The source of such pretends is always of interest.

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On Reddit someone said that Kanboard was good until we reached 500 tasks, then it starts to slow down.

Speed will most likely be a product of what you are running it on, and the I/O of the data.

My 1999 Jeep TJ 4.0, is rather slow as well, compared to say, something made in the past few years.


Without the facts, this is just an opinion or rumor. And Reddit is rarely considered a trusty source in the past.


I can sign that (JK III). But if you are offroad: no one can be faster :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

To be back on topic: how fast a server based software runs does not only depend on the software.

To judge this, more details needed. Kanboard itself runs very well as far as i can say.

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Hi there. I use both ways and works perfect.
As You can see, yoy can put a link to external files in tasks or just upload a file. I changed the plugin so we can attach several type files.

what do you mean? which types? which plugin?

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I am sorry, no the plugin, we made changes to the code to allow it to accept the uploading of several types of audio, image, and digital files @aljawaid. Best regards, congrats and thanks for your plugins.

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end users computer is the bottleneck. cpu single thread performance is the limiting factor as far as i can tell. also different versions run faster. im on 1.2.12 - i think that was fastest up to 1.2.19 when .19 was most current. also i believe Chrome was the fastest at that time. we run one board, usually average 300+ tasks (7 swimlanes, 20+ columns), ubuntu/mysql backend in house virtual server. right now at 199 tasks (tasks expanded, no horizontal scrolling = full board view of all tasks) and refresh on board is 1.65s with i3-12100 (3488 single thread rating). drag and drop in same time frame. i have other computers with much higher rated cpu multithreaded scores (but lower single thread scores) that are slower. this applies to ipads/phones i tested - high single thread performance is always better.

Not measurable, but I encounter lagging saves, on changing data or on adding comments, which I could hold the Postgres responsible for. That is, when a project has many issues in the same coloumn.