Install issues, working on former system

I recently installed a new system, running Ubuntu 20.04.2, MySQL 8.0.23, Apache 2.4.46 and PHP 8.0.2.

My former system was Ubuntu 18.04.5, MySQL 5.7, Apache 2.4.46 and PHP 7.4. I do not have the more detailed version specifics for MySQL and PHP handy, I hope that will suffice.

On my old system, all worked fine with no issues. On my new system, I have tried:

  1. Fresh Kanboard install + newly crested database
  2. Fresh Kanboard install + copied over database (via export and import)
  3. Migration / copy of both the Kanboard directory and the database

All three of these methods result in the same error… in short:
[php:error] [pid 1839706] [client] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Unknown named parameter $project in /var/www/intranet/vendor/kanban/app/Helper/HookHelper.php:51
Please note that the directory is custom, and I include the entire path in the case that it might be a part of the issue, although it worked fine on the old system.

It seems all works fine until I click on a project, such as:
This is when the error stated above happens in the Apache error log and I also get 500 (Internal Server Error) in the browser console.

I have confirmed the www-data users owns the entire banboard (kanban) directory and confirmed it has write permissions to the data directory. I have also confirmed the list of PHP extensions are in fact installed, and have made sure that tests were done restarting services after any configuration changes.

Anyone have ideas on what this cause might be? I am thinking it must be? PEr the requirements, it appears that both MySQL 8 and PHP 8 are acceptable, fitting the “>” criteria.

Bumping this request. I have been using Kanboard for a while and really like it, but after moving to new system, it is completely non functional. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Closing this issue, I will no longer be using Kanboard.