Kanboard CSS – WIP limit alert


I like very much this theme for kanboard. But there is no visual alert when the WIP limit is passed.

I tried to modify the CSS to find a way to restore it…

I searched around this selector:
.board-task-list-limit {
background-color: #DF5353;

You can find it in the app.min.css not in Kanbordcss.css

Any help please to restore the visual alerte with this theme ?

Many thank’s

Thank you !!!

I added it to custom CSS. So easy to update on the fly now !

Hi !

Now, i have the same issue for the whole swimlane since we can limit the number of tasks per swimlane. There is no visual alert in this CSS Theme for this.

Can anyone help me to add a custom css to restore the visual alert when a swimlane must turn red ?

Many thanks !