Looking for some advice / plugin to further enhance the user experience

So i have been setting it up and using it a bit for a while, not fully committed until i know how to host it reliably :joy:

There are 3 QoL items i’m not sure has already been implemented or a plugin is available

  1. is there any way to mouse click outside the New task window to close it? currently i have to click save, cancel or the tiny X button

  2. Enlarge the task text size, especially sub task which is too tiny. Also enlarge the dropdown menu button which is very tiny as well.

  3. make the card compact - i tried boardcustomizer plugin but it has some dynamicavatar.php error

  4. more automatic action like changing the color in a specific column after certain duration etc


edited to add new list item.


  1. That feature I remember was the default and then changed because users were accidentally clicking outside the window and the data was being lost before save. The ‘tiny x’ needs work on, its annoying… cant promise, but I will look into it soon as it affects my work too.
  2. Nothing is tiny here… are you sure its not a local issue on your side? Maybe try a theme plugin. Some of them are quite good. Alternatively, you can also make them changes in your css section of Kanboard (settings)
  3. the card can be compacted or collapsed…
  4. That might or might not exist, I’m not sure. But look at all the actions before doing anything. One thing that I learnt in Kanboard is that sometimes the actions I think I need I actually dont. E.g. after a certain duration, I prefer an email if a task is sitting in a column for too long… changing the colour means nothing to me and the colour is a hint to the task… it doesnt overwhelm the task itself.

Hope the above info gives you a better insight.

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Thanks for the answer!

  1. Thanks!

  2. I’ll see if I can find something. css or theme

  3. yea but expanded card has quite some empty spaces which I thought could be removed while still maintaining the full info.

  4. maybe I have to re look but for now I don’t have the skill to host and set up any email notification yet

Once again thanks for the reply!


  1. Kanboard CSS is a theme I am maintaining… but I should warn you, over the next few weeks it will be updated with a lot of changes. Basically, my updates have been done locally and until now, I never had the know-how to work with git properly. Even now I’m basic but I’m trying. A few of the recent new themes are quite good too.

  2. This can easily be solved in your application css section even if you dont use a theme.

  3. It can work on shared hosting… email notification? you will need a mail server for that or access to one. I think for internal-organisation mail, the built-in php mail will work fine.

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Great advice! Thanks

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