Comment visible on the card's thumbnail makes it look super expanded on the board

Greetings to all.

Two of the cards that I transcribed today of a process already started, contemplated errors that occurred in the execution of the task, for which I preferred to comment these outside the description of the task.

My surprise was to see that on these two cards his extensive comments were visible from the card’s thumbnail.

I have some time using Kanboard and it had not happened. I do not know if it’s so much content in code format in the comments fields

I attach an example image. The image of the other card is much larger

Thanks in advance


Is there a way to limit the number of characters / words of the comment on the card?
Is there a way to prevent the comment from being previewed in the task thumbnail?
I thought it was for text with code format, but I made a test comment on another card and its content appeared in the thumbnail.

Ive never seen that before, thats a comment?

Looks like you have something hooked to the task view:

what plugins are you running?

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Thanks for the correspondence.

If in fact I tried a task that already had a comment and added a new one. having the preview updated.

Look at these two examples:

First comment


Second comment with image


I updated my previous response. Comments should not be appearing on task cards at all, so sometihng is hooked to it. What plugins are you running?

Some! Hahaha

Caramba. surely that’s it

Thank you. In a moment I give him the list of the last ones I installed.

The last one was
“Push Dates for Kanboard Tasks”

I have uninstalled it, written a new comment and it does not appear in the thumbnail.


Thank you very much for the quick answer. Maybe I would have got it later but it is important to share these news with the community.

I hope that @dmorlitz can read this case about the plugin.

Today we have a presentation that is practically a Trello vs Kanboard debate.

I’m sure Kanboard will triumph

It actually states it on the plugin, that it does that.



I would add an issue on his repo though, to limit the size of that.

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I’m sure @dmorlitz will appreciate it, and we will too.
It is not a bad idea to have a look at the last comment.

Thank you very much, I will wait for the update of the plugin.