New Compact Layout Plugins

Here is a new Compact Layout I have been working on.
I am still making improvements, but it is currently in a usable state.

Plugins relevant to this theme:

  • Bigboard
  • Group_assign
  • Boardcustomizer
  • DarkLight (Theme made by me, still a work in progress)

Additional plugins I use:

  • Coverimage
  • HighlightCode Syntax
  • MarkdownPlus
  • PasteImageToMarkdown
  • EnableAttachmentRenaming
  • Activitystream diff
  • TaskNumberInDetails
  • ClickableCheckboxInTextAreas
  • Taglist
  • SearchPlugin

Not everything for this is currently in the plugins repository, but if you want to install it and try it out, and you have command line access, then here is how you can install it:

cd /var/www/kanboard/plugins/
sudo rm -rf Bigboard Boardcustomizer Group_assign
sudo git clone Bigboard
sudo git clone Boardcustomizer
sudo git clone
sudo git clone
cd /var/www/kanboard/plugins/Group_assign
sudo git checkout compact-layout
cd /var/www/kanboard/plugins/Boardcustomizer
sudo git checkout compact-layout
sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www

Hey this looks really cool, Iā€™m going to try it out on my Kanboard installation sometime this week!

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The pull requests have been submitted: