Custom Avatar Size for Board Tasks


Is it possible to customize the avatar size used for Board Task Cards (and the upper right corner area showing your own Avatar icon)?

I’m using the Moon template at the moment along with Customizer and I’m seeing that it is generating a URL like this for the avatar:

But I believe the same basic size was being used with the default template as well (which I was using up until yesterday).

It would be nice to be able to adjust that size easily from the Settings screen but I don’t think I’m seeing an option available to do so right now, although I could have potentially missed it somewhere if it does exist already.


Neither Customizer or Moon have any influence over the AvatarFileController. If you’re looking for a plugin that would give you an example of creating smaller avatar icons, look at Group_assign. Then apply that logic to create custom sizes. Also, I believe I did something similar in Cover Image plugin, project icon portion.

Long story short:
Ya, possible, you could probably do it like I did the logos in Customizer, using a slider with live preview. Easy breezy. Will require, php, css, java, and html if you go that route.


Thanks for the reply…it sounds like the capability to adjust the avatar size upward may not be configurable in Kanboard right now though. I’m mainly interested in making it a little bigger since the small size currently makes it difficult to distinguish the person in the image. The ones here in discourse for example are 45x45.

I do need to try and get my feet wet putting together some plugins for Kanboard…but on the same note there’s other stuff that I kind of just wish were core features to make it easier for me to push/adopt in my organization (more on that in a separate thread ;-).


I would say, that if you took a list of everyone’s wish list of core features, Kanboard would no longer be simple…

I do like Kanboard because of the simplicity, and if there is ever anything I wish it did, I figure out how to do it, and do it. Whether I do it well or not, is a matter of opinion…I’m not an IT person, nor a programmer, I have a Bachelor degree in Graphic Communications…and by day I design, create and manage beauty and cosmetic products for Retail and Private Label brands.

Kanboard helps me manage those things, and there were many features I felt it needed to make it useful for my organization. How on earth would something be useful for us, if Kanboard wouldn’t even send an email of a task about to expire? Like, seriously, what is this crap? How will we know it’s about to expire?! So I started doing some research…and looking at Kanboard for what it really was, an awesome project management software, that’s open, for me to customize towards what I needed it to do. With a bit of poking around, and looking at the code, and google searching PHP, I managed to create a few Automatic Actions, that addressed that need.

Allowing me to do some basic things, like, automatically send an email to the Assignee when a task is assigned to them, or send an email to the task creator when something happens in a task, and most importantly, notify users when a task is about to be due.

But there was more! I needed More! All these Sales people that want to be a part of this tool, who are very clueless sometimes wanted to participate. But heavens forbid, I wanted to make sure, all they can do is add a comment, and not screw anything up while they were in there.

You should have seen how many times I tried to figure that one out…hundreds of lines of code, and no idea how to put it into a plugin format, only to discover later after much researching and studying code, that all I needed was like a couple lines of code to actually do it! The endless nights, I’ll never get back!

And, how many times did I have to listen to some joker, say, “This is great, but how the hell do you print one of these out! This is useless if we can’t print out these tasks…”

I’m pretty sure I tried to do this 3 or 4 times, and just flat out, gave up…until, one day, after working on something else, I realized I could apply it to this need, and viola, I figured it out! I ate a cookie that day, I’m sure. But, it didn’t last long! We work in teams, and we need to have many eyes on these tasks! “How do you assign this to multiple users, and make sure everyone gets these alerts and notifications?” I could have simply said, “Yeah, sorry guys, it’s not a core feature of Kanboard.” But, not me…Not gonna happen. Instead…

15 releases to get that plugin where it is today! And if you look through them all, you’ll see how it works, you figure out a little…then a little more…then a little more…and viola, you’ve learned something.

But of course, it doesn’t end there…Custom fields, Graphical Fun, Do this, Do that…it never ends. They pile up, and if you think about it, how simple will Kanboard be if they keep adding them to Kanboard? And how useful will Kanboard be to you, if no one does build them for you? So, if you are going to choose Kanboard, you have a couple options.

1.) Keep adding to an ever growing wish list of core features from all Kanboards users, and hope one day someone builds them for you.


2.) Figure out how to do what you want, and be a slave to no one!


And once you’ve succeeded, share your creations with everyone else, so we all prosper.

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So, I ended up doing this for the upper right corner as a feature in the Customizer plugin.
I haven’t merged it yet, but it functions very nicely, with a live preview and sliders.

it can be found on the avatar branch:

it’s under the “Image assets & settings” panel and has a slider for size (20-50px) and radius(25-50%)

if you want to offer input before i merge, you can join the conversation here:

I am not planning on incorporating into board task cards, but the back-end would be complete for you if you wanted to take it that route.