Kanboard is not installing

Its showing me an error"


You dont have permission to access / on this server.

Can anyone help.

chown -R user:user .

In the folder you installed it.
Replace user with your appropriate user for your application.

I installed in /var/www/html/.
The db user is kanboarduser.

So should i type chown -R user:user /var/www/html??

and in my linux there is root.

Yes, but its probably not “user”, might be “www-data”…or “nginx”

The actual user that app runs as should be setup in your nginx setup, or apache, whichever web server you’re using.

Dont forget the “.” At the end of the chown

If that doesnt work, your webserver just simply isnt setup right.

I am using apache.
is it apache:apache?

Probably not. Try “www-data”

here, read this: