Kanboard v1.2.16

List of changes:

  • Update Composer dependencies
  • Update translations
  • Add link to toggle column scrolling in board view
  • Add missing environment variables in php-fpm config
  • Add setting that makes possible any new LDAP user to be Manager by default
  • Add ARIA label to modal link with title attribute
  • Add ARIA label to user mention
  • Add ARIA label to letter avatars
  • Add ARIA label to project select role without label
  • Add ARIA label to dropdown autocomplete without label
  • Add ARIA label to form text editor without label
  • Add ARIA label to icons with title attributes
  • Add ARIA label for form inputs without labels
  • Add ARIA label for elements with titles
  • Add hidden accessible form input labels
  • Add hidden accessible titles
  • Hide user name from screen readers
  • Correct table collapsed column titles
  • Prevent the original page from being modified by the opened link
  • Allow email to be retrieve by SSO ReverseProxy
  • Fix grammatically incorrect error message
  • Add option to configure SMTP HELO name
  • Add new config parameter SESSION_HANDLER
  • Fix clearing of all Javascript storage
  • Added standard notification footer to comment email template

Many thanks guys! Great and nice job. We had been working with kanboard since a couple of month and it works as charm. Keep on going.