Keep scroll position after task move

When I scroll down and then move a task to another column, the scrollbar moves back all the way to the top. And I need to scroll all the way back down to move the task after the one I just moved. It would be very helpful if the scrollbar kept it’s position.

Since 1.2.13, you can scroll columns independently. No more problem with this behavior.

I am on 1.2.14 now (and .13 at the time of writing) - the independent scrolling on columns is nice but not related to the behaviour I see: When I scroll down one individual column and move a task to another column, that column I just scrolled down on is reset to the top.

Maybe, you should try with a different browser…

Sorry for not mentioning, that was the first thing I tried: Same behaviour on all of firefox and chromium on linux and firefox and chrome on android. Are you unable to reproduce?

Yes, i have the same behavior.

I think this is logical. After move/dragdrop the kanboard content gets completely refreshed via an ajax call.

I am framing a feature request without knowing how exactly kanboard is built. If you agree it’s useful, useful enough to merit the effort of making it work, I would be super happy. I am simply explaining the usecase and how a different behaviour would make my live easiert, not demanding anything. If the position of the scrolling bar could somehow be preserved between the ajax calls, that would be nice.