LDAP-Groups / Automatic Groups

Hi there,

I have some hopefully small questions.

I’ve an LDAP-Server with groups, which I like to sync to my kanboard.
Therefore I set up my config like here for posix-groups.
Unfortunately that doesn’t work.
Are there known issues (I could find any at github or this discourse) or do I just configure everything wrong?

The normal LDAP-Login and even the role-assignment for “Administrator” works, therefore I’m confused, that the normal groups won’t work.

Is there any other way to make the projects available for all users or assign a default group to new users?
For example “member”.
Make all users to “Administrator” would be a solution, but I don’t like the idea.

Thank your for any help or suggestion.


I saw, that there was a function to make projects available for everyone (Commit, which changed it.
Why was it removed?

For my problem:
It’s not the best solution, but I found a manual solution now.
In general I’m writing a Telegram-Bot which displays projects and tasks from Kanboard via the API for my Makerspace.
I’d implemented a function to add all Users to one specific Group.

i have no problem searching and checking ldap_group, but the population of users are not working each searched group is 0 users.

#7 Kanboard Admins
0 userCN=Kanboard Admins,OU=Kanban,OU=Applications,OU=Users,OU=Limited Access,DC=hostname,DC=local
#6 Kanboard Managers
0 userCN=Kanboard Managers,OU=Kanban,OU=Applications,OU=Users,OU=Limited Access,DC=hostname,DC=local
#5 Kanboard-Users
0 userCN=Kanboard-Users,OU=Kanban,OU=Applications,OU=Users,OU=Limited Access,DC=hostname,DC=local