User synchronization for LDAP authentication


I was searching for some method to synchronize my openLDAP users with Kanboard. Is there anything like that? I want to sync the users periodically and also disabled LDAP users should be automatically disabled within Kanboard.

Any advice?

Hi tboerger,

THIS documentation has information on configuring OpenLDAP authentication.

Hope this helps

Hi Gazatron523,

thank you for the link but this doesn’t help at all. The users are already authenticated via openLDAP totally fine, and the group sync is also working, but IMHO Kanboard is missing two things:

  • Automatically sync users from openLDAP to Kanboard in the background to have all users available for permission control, even if they haven’t loggedin so far
  • Automatically disable or delete users in the background if they are not active or present on openLDAP anymore

All former users which have been dropped or disable on openLDAP are still listed as active users within Kanboard. Maybe they are not able to login anymore, but they are still listed as active users which is IMHO bad/wrong.

Hope that explains it well enough.

Ah, I see now.

I’m in a similar situation, but trying to authenticate my LDAP against my FreeIPA server (which there is no loger a plug in to support). From what I have read it seems that you have to add the accounts in Kanboard as Remote Users, there is no auto sync as you mention.

That’s not entirely true, I don’t have to add any account manually as remote users. The user gets automatically added on first login. I just want to have it created even BEFORE the first login and also deactivated if the LDAP user gets deactivated.

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