Problem with manager priviledges

I have LDAP authorization. It works fine for all users insted one. I have set him as manager, but whet it login it automaticly change to user. How to debug it / correct? What can be wrong?

You set him as manager in kanboard and when he logs in, he is just a user? Or… you are using ldap group synchronization to determine his role, as manager, but it logs him in as a user?

The answer is in the docs.
Everybody else will have the role “User"

I have change it in kanboard from admin account. When I logoff from admin and login to this account it changes priviledges to user.

I dont synchronize groups with ldap - every other user have priviledges like I set on admin account in kanboard.

From my understanding.

Everybody else will have the role “User". By default.

// This example will not synchronize the fields "username" and "role" from LDAP to Kanboard.
define('EXTERNAL_AUTH_EXCLUDE_FIELDS', 'username,role');

By default - yes. But when i change it from admin account they can login and have manager / admin priviledges (as I set). Only one user after login change his priviledges to “user”.

Ok. Did you try adding the code in to your config?

Since it is happening on your server, I can only make guesses. My guess here is, that one user is synchronizing, for whatever reason, and the others are not.


Tell your config, to not do that for role. And then test.

I have set it but problem still appears. I find solution (strange but it works) - I have change user role directly in database… and now there is no problem.

Works for me! Good job.