List view - customize

Hello! Searched for the topic on github and here (and goolge of course), but didn’t find anything except old request from 2017 on github (and a post from 2019 here).
On default installation of current KB list view is something like list of cards. However, instructions show a table view (which is very much requested by my users) List view in table
I see current list view presentation format as somewhat unusable and not helpful for task mgt (especially if you have plenty). Other than this we find KB as best in the class.
Maybe somebody knows the solutions/plugins?
Thanks in advance.

I am not sure whether I understand your desire. Does the attachment show what you want?

I think, what @adeiko meant is this

in contrast to this promise from the docs:

The docs obviously refer to an older version off Kanboard.

Sounds plausible to me.

The older view looks somewhat nicer, but the current view contains more information.

Thanks gentlemen, you got my question right.

Table is by definition most compact way of presenting information, and also it allows for sorting. 90% of space in “card list” presentation is empty and doesn’t allow anything to do with the data.

Just wanted to check whether one had found a way to get back older view?

Going back to an older version. But think twice, whether you really want it. I never wouldn’t.