Mark project as favorite/customize dashboard

In our organization there are hundreds of projects and many users have permissions to see a lot of them. This makes the dashboard very cluttered since most people only need 3 or 4 of those projects in their daily work, but do occasionally need to view the rest of them as well.

I propose a feature “mark project as favorite”, and those would be sorted before any other boards in the dashboard. Or perhaps some other way to declutter the dashboard.

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I fully agree with you, even if I’d prefer an option to separate or list the projects in categories, customers or whatever.

Anyway, assigning a personal favorite star to move projects on top would already be a great improvement.

There is a plugin that does exactly what you suggest:


To group projects you could have a “master”-board that links to all projects


Brilliant, thanks! I’ll install it for people to try.

I forgot to check the plugins this time, ususally I go there first :neutral_face:

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thanks for the awesome information.