Can I group "My Tasks" by Projects?

Hi guys, is there a way to group “My tasks” into groups by projects? We have like a dozen projects (boards) on the run, and “My tasks” right now is kind of overwhelmed by tasks from all varies of projects, so I would like to know if it is possible to organize “My tasks” into projects? Many thanks ahead!

hey ho!

maybe sort by swimlane could do the trick for you


alternatively, the layout in the overview already sorts the tasks by project

Thanks for reply. Nope it doesn’t work for me, as we do not use swimlanes in most projects (boards). And by select sorting by swimlane, tasks from different projects are still mixed. The overview do sorts tasks by project (really didn’t notice until now lol), still it would be the best if we can have this feature in “My tasks” as well, and maybe even with collapses and drag-and-drop to move up or down for each projects in view. :smiley:

I think sorting by project can be implemented, but the overview is not a board.
It is more like a quick view into the boards so manual sorting won’t be possible.

if you’re interested in easily moving tasks between boards, check out the BigBoard plugin

Hi, in my team we assign a tag to each project, so that we can easily filter the global board by project then!

This is quite simple and doesn’t need any new features.

We have avec a Project board, where stickies represent projects and columns represent global project phases (initiation, planning, execution, closing). Each project task has several subtasks that are converted to tasks when their execution time gets close and moved to the main project where work happens.

The nice thing then is that the project sticky keeps a list of its children and you can see at a glance in which column on the main board these children are.

It works just fine!