How to group projects?

Tasks and categories are applicable only to tasks, but how can projects be grouped?

For example, all projects for individual clients or for departments or, again, professional projects from personal and training projects.

There is a plugin or some “tips and tricks”

Thanks in advance


In my case, I have a Project (a board) where every task point to a board with an external link. All tasks regrouped by Clients (Categories).

So you can Kanban all the projects as you kanban tasks inside a Kanban board.

I hope it’s clear :sweat_smile:

No, I’m sorry.
I did not understand very well.
Can you be clearer or send me snapshots privately?

I think what he meant was he has a project/board exclusive to track projects. Each card (task) on this board is a project and to easily access it, the tasks have an external link to the project. Then the clients are Categories on this board and the tasks are grouped by client using the category field.
Never thought on something like that, it’s a very clever idea!

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I still don’t understand.

From what I understand, the Project is used as if it were a tab.

I have a “Customers” project, a “Training” project, an “Infrastructure” project, etc.
Within the project named “Customers” I have more tasks with category “customer1”, other tasks with category “customer2”, and others again with category “customer3”.

If so, in fact it is a clever way to group the actual projects that “slide” to the Task level.
However, a level is lost, because the Tasks slide to the Sub-Task level where there is nothing to better describe them.

It is a good solution in the absence of anything; this is the “Tips and Tricks” that I initially asked for.
But the smartest thing of all would be to have a higher level “Master Category”, such as a base code or plugin.

In any case, I didn’t understand the external link to what is addressed.

Exactly !

Thank’s :smiley:

You can add internal and external links to tasks. Internal links are only to other tasks, and you chose a dependency aswell (blocked by, depends on, etc.). External links are any url.
When a task have an internal or external link, they appear also on a small icon on the bottom right side of the card when you are on board view. If you hover that icon, the links are shown on a tooltip.
Adding the project url as an external link of the task you provide you a quick way to access the project page from this “customers” board.

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No, it’s not about “slide” tasks to sub tasks level. You would still have one project/board to each customer project.
Then, you create an additional board that will just contain every project you have on kanboard as a task. This way you can keep a “global status” of the project (will be the columns of this project) and group the clients of this project as categories, or tags, or colors, or references, you chose. You can create one category for each customer then associate this category to the cards.
Then an additional idea is to add to the cards the link of each project board/list/recent activity, which one you use most, or all of them.

For example:
You work on following projects for following customers:

  • project 1 - customer a
  • project 2 - customer b
  • project 3 - customer a
  • project 4 - customer c
  • project 5 - customer b

Then on your kanboard you will have 6 projects:

  • Projects tracking
  • project 1
  • project 2
  • project 3
  • project 4
  • project 5

Each “project x” will have the tasks, columns, swimlanes of a usual project. You track the tasks of each project on its own board.
On your “Projects tracking” project, you will have a board with 5 tasks:

  • “project 1” with category customer a
  • “project 2” with category customer b
  • “project 3” with category customer a
  • “project 4” with category customer c
  • “project 5” with category customer b

This way you can track the project “whole” status, for example. You will have a “project management” board.


A bit tortuous, but clever.
I have to try out how to best organize the Board.
Thanks for the advices.

Everything works. Many thanks for the great tip.
I also used Swimlanes as an additional level of categorization.

What I can’t do to filter the Tags assigned to the Tasks.
I don’t expect to find a Cloud Tab, but the ability to list all the Tabs and be able to find all the Tasks that contain that Tab.
I can only do a search with tab: “NAME” but this requires knowing exactly the name of the Tab to search.

By tab you mean tag?

You can list all tags a project has on its management page > tags

One note, tags filter with OR. If you want to find tasks with tag Red and Blue, but not just Red or Blue, your sool.

Forgive me for resurrecting an almost year old thread, however I don’t want to open a new feature request if this thread can resolve my issue.

I have a similar request and I am trying to incorporate this method you described to solve my problem but I am not having much success. My issue is that I have sub-projects. For example I want to have a top tier project “category” of Web Application Programming. Under that I would have several projects - for example: shopping cart application, calendar application, chess game database application, etc. Those sub projects (actual projects) would have all the tasks, etc.

Now I have a Project Tracker Project and the 8 “master” project categories entered as projects. Do I have to add the sub projects ( the actual projects) as a project also? I’m a little lost here and out of my element…

Any help would be much appreciated.

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AH, I think I have it figured out.

Here is the structure
Main Board
Project Category 1
Project Category 2
Project Category 3
Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
Project 4
Project 5
Project 6

Create a task under Project Category 1 named Project 1 with an external link to Main Board Project 1
Create a task under Project Category 1 named Project 2 with an external link to Main Board Project 2.
Create a task under Project Category 2 named Project 3 with an external link to Main Board Project 3
Create a task under Project Category 2 named Project 4 with an external link to Main Board Project 4.
and so on…

Now I have several ways of getting to the projects and tasks in a organized ( for my mind anyway) fashion.

Anything else that would help with this structure / Project sub-project strategy?

I actually managed to do this with a simple old school trick: just ad [Category name] to the project title.

You’re welcome :joy:

(too bad that project name search is only exact match… but at least I can see better what’s going on in my dashboard)