Plugin for sub-projects creation

Hello to Kanboard Community!
We started to use Knaboard in our team few months ago. We like this software because it is free and simple for administration.
However we encountered with some issues for management of some long term projects. It seems to be useful to add function for creation of project hierarchy. The most simple example is creation of sub-projects for bigger projects.
This function might be realized by plugin. My first idea was to order this plugin on the one of marketplaces for freelancers. However i think it will be to expensive for me.
If anybody also interested in this functionality for project management maybe it will be possible to order this plugin together and to split price of job for several users. This plugin also might be published published later for all Kanboard users for free.

Does anybody interested in development of the plugin for project hierarchy (sub-projects) creation?

Without the use of a plugin, here is how I currently handle this, in my mind, something similar to this.

I use 2 Projects.

1 Project, is my “Project Board”, it contains tasks, that are actually “Projects” with 3 basic columns, “New”, “In-Progress”, “Complete”. Its 3 basic places that, for me, a project can be, this can be whatever you desire though.

the other Project is my “Workflow Board” or “Task Board” however you want to call it. This is a more detailed project board, with many columns related to my actual workflow, and locations with in it. For example, these columns are:
Pickup, Creative, Quality, Development, Proofing, Holding, Complete

Now, any task created here is linked back to the project, using an Internal Link.

So, when you view a Project from the Project board, you will see a list of all the “tasks” related to the project, which from first inspection, will show you Where it is, Who it is assigned to, and if it is complete or not. From the task side, a link will show up, linking back to the project it is associated with, so anyone assigned the task will know which project it relates to, you can even use the relations to color code these, but i actually use categories for my color coding, and each category is a customer. in short, it allows for an overarching task board that is inclusive of all tasks for all projects, color coded by customers. Makes it very easy for the assignees to see what they have to do, since they really only need to look at one board.

There is no reason you cannot create 3, 4, 5, or however many layers of this that you want.

Craig , Thank you for reply.

I’ll try to use for big projects the way you have described.

After your response i found “Big board” plugin (
This plugin may be used to see on one display boards from few projects: “Project Board” and “Task Boards” from projects.

Do you have any automations in your workflow or are you linking the Task Board tasks to the Workflow Board tasks manually?