Max number of cards per board

Hi All,

Whats the most cards you have created per project?

I have been trying for a while to create around 4000 cards ( Physical Hardware, MariaDB, PHP8 and 8GB RAM and also via Docker)

Using the CSV template the import works (sort of, i have more success on the physical than the docker when it comes to the import), but when I go back to the board, it never seems to display and the page times out.

If anyone has managed to get that many cards created on a board, can you share some of your knowledge and how you have it configured.


why would you try this at all, this doesn’t sound usable in a way anymore?

We were around 7300 Tasks in our whole kanboard instance, distributed over several projects and one larger archive project, that also had horrible load times if you tried to display everything.
Using filters kept it usable

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Thanks for sharing the information