Most of plugins are incompatible


I have installed Kanboard using Dockerfile for ARM32v7. It went pretty smooth and everything looks fine. Except one thing, I cannot get plugins manager to work and when I download manually any plugin to plugins directory it states that the plugin is incompatible.

The only plugin that works there is CommentTooltip (which minimum compatibility is 0.0.2 version). I assume there’s a problem in my installation with the version that’s checked in compatibility checking procedure. Do you have any suggestions what am I missing?

The code is updated (at lease git remote show origin and git status says so).

Thanks for help :slight_smile:


Try installing manually, then open the Plugin.php file of the plugin you are trying to get to work, and remove the getCompatibleVersion function.

I’m guessing. Not really sure if that will work.

Hi @creecros,
Thanks for your help. Your suggestion helped, the plugins are available. But when I update any of them I guess the issue will be back.

Your suggestion led me to functions.php where the APP_VERSION constant is built. It turned out to somehow check the current git tag. Don’t know how it’s done because git command is not present in the box, but possibly it uses some other mechanisms.

It has also a fallback method of checking version implemented. I’ve found that it’s also looking for version.txt file in root directory, but when I created it with the current version it hasn’t changed a thing. So probably it was cached somewhere or it used the git magic method.

All in all, I can’t figure out where the problem lays so if you have any other suggestions, I will appreciate them.

Thanks for your help again :slight_smile:

Should pull it from the release tag, honestly cant remember.

Try building another container, looks like a new release 8 hours ago.

What does your app version actually show?

Well, didn’t help.

Once I find the reason I will let myself describe it here.

Still, thanks for help and regards,


Might just be a coincidence, but As soon as KB 1.2.10 was released, I got issues reported in customizer plugin, due to the added “v” in the Version. The version compare began reporting false comparisons.

If that happened in my comparison, it’s probably happening the getCompatibleVersions, and would explain your issue.

Aha! This makes sense.

After all I am checking the compatibility by myself and cloning git repos manually to the plugins directory so this should be enough for some time (as long as those plugins are compatible).