Move Subtask to another task

Dear fellows,

how to move some subtasks from a task to another? (so it would move time tracking info also)


Short version: you change the task_id associated with the subtask, everything else will remain associated, i.e. time tracking info.

Not sure what your understanding of Kanboards code is, but it wouldn’t be hard to do, to add a feature that would allow you to “Move a subtask” to another task. If your understanding is limited and you don’t feel comfortable doing that, you could just use a a databse manager, like phpadminlite, and modify the subtasks task_id.

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Thank you @creecros.

In fact I was hoping something ready to use. I do not wish to change them at db.

I may try recreating tasks and losing time tracking info for instance, once it has not a feature for that.


It’s really simple, I’ll keep it in mind as a future plugin, or maybe as a feature to one of the existing plugins I have collaboration with.

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