Remove a subtask

Hi everyone,

As I try to setup Kanboard in my company I am not not able to remove subtasks…
If I click on it with the little overlay it changes its state.
If I edit the task I don’t see subtasks…

I’ve read in the API it is possible to remove a subtask but I am not able to find my way in the webUI

Any help is welcome!


Hi and welcome to the forum!

Your description is somewhat unclear, at least for me. :wink:


Please try to be mere concrete and clear.

Well, thank you, I try again :slight_smile:

How to remove (delete) a subtask in Kanboard ?

Here a picture of the overlay to display subtasks:

No way to remove this subtask…

I hope I am clearer now :wink:


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My bad, I’ve just find my way! In fact I never “opened” a task by clicking on its title… as I always “edited” it

But now, when I open a task I see the list of subtask and I can definitely remove it or modify it or convert it to a task.

Your screenshot helped me to find it!

I really appreciate how fast you answered to me and I will go forward with Kanboard!

I just miss a up to date gantt plugin but the old one is still working…

Have a good day


I just miss a up to date gantt plugin but the old one is still working…

  • If it is working, what needs updating? Just curious, don’t know much about gantt.

Well, it works but it is not clean… As an example, with Firefox, the grid is not precise, several tasks overlaps with others.

Also no update means no fixes in case of Kanboard code change.

Kindly attach a screenshot, if it is easy for me, I will revise the plugin in due course.

Please open a new thread for the gantt topic.