New Plugin: AgileIndicators

Agile Indicators for Kanboard display the measurements for Task Priorities and Task Complexities in an easy to use general format. Task Priorities are scaled between P1 and P5 whilst Task Complexities are scored as 0-50.

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Thx a lot!

The suggested ratings might not match with the existing ratingsof many users (but is quite nearby my way how I am using it). It seems easy to adapt it to personal needs and habits?



Hello, yes I fully understand. I have been using this way so I made it into a plugin. It is fully translatable if you want to adjust it.

This is just to show up a visual note/reminder, right? Doesn’t affect the tasks in any way, I assume.

thats right… this DOES NOT affect the tasks or functionality. These are just visual guides.

Eventually, i will add a smaller style into the task creation form somehow so that it is visible at task creation time. I need it for my case, but i will share it of course.

I think this would be helpful. Nowadays, we can use automatic actions to assign colors. But if this could be done by the plugin without further action: WOW.