No subtasks listed in task view of dashboard?

Hey there,

I somehow I thought it would be by design that the subtasks aren’t shown on the dashboards “my tasks” section. Thus I wanted to start to write a small plugin, which would still list subtasks there. Then I saw in the respecting Template/dashboard/tasks.php:

<?= $this->render('task_list/task_subtasks', array(
     'task' => $task,
)) ?>

Doesn’t this mean that subtasks should be listed on this page after all and this might be a bug somehow?

Hey creecros, thanks for the link. I found this thread but after quick reading I thought it might not be what I was looking for. I should re-read it more carefully, I guess. In case it still isn’t what I was lookig for, I will come back. Thanks!

Ok, I re-read the whole thread twice and looked again in all the mentioned files. Like I thought: is isn’t my described problem, at least as far as I understood your linked thread. In this thread the thread starter asked to hide done subtasks, basically. My issue here is somehow the opposite: subtasks aren’t shown on the dashboards “my tasks” site. Aren’t they supposed to be listed there after all?

“My tasks” shows tasks that are assigned to you, but it will also show tasks not assigned to you, if there is a subtask assigned to you within the task.

Thanks for the explanation. Good to know! Yet in my case everything (task and subtasks) are assigned to me and I do only see the tasks and not the subtasks on the “My tasks” site. Is this by design, since there is a dedicated “My subtasks” site, maybe?

yes, thats correct. “My Tasks” shows tasks.

So would there technically be a way at least to have subtasks shown there as well? Just asking, before I try to dig so deep … that in the end I would end up nowhere anyway. Thanks for your help! (=

Almost always, the answer will be yes. assuming you can code it.

But in this case, the layout you see when you click on “My subtasks” is what you want, then that makes it easy for you as you have a guide. you will just need to account for the variables that are being sent to the template, and what variables you may be missing to render the subtasks.

I will point out that in “My Task” view, you do have a tooltip that contains all the Subtasks already, not sure if you noticed.

Yeah, I looked into this form the beginning already. I guess I have to dig deeper to better understand how the flow and logic is here (or in Kanboard in general, hehe). It’s juts like: the first quoted code block is in the tasks template already. That’s why I was wondering why there isn’t any subtask. But maybe it’s just there for convenience or so and I would have to fetch the correct variables as well, or so … I will try to dig deeper when I find time. But thanks for the tip anyway, of course!

Thanks! Hehe, I already saw that, yeah. I just thought that I might find it better to see all task+subtasks on first sight already. But maybe I should continue using Kanboard and see, if this default-workflow might already be cool enough.

In case I will continue digging here and come up with something, I will post a “solution” here. Thanks again for your kind help and your time. (=