Plugin MarkdownPlus: normal linefeed will not work with selection boxes in lines

This is some code copied from a KANBOARD Task for test affairs:

The test:

Auswahl 1
Auswahl 2

xxx Auswahl 1
xxx Auswahl 2

The problem:

No Linefeed with Checkboxes in Text

The code:

[ ] Auswahl 1       
[ ] Auswahl 2   


xxx Auswahl 1       
xxx Auswahl 2   

html linefeed will do the job:

Auswahl 1

Auswahl 2

My results

  • here: Below “The Test:” “Auswahl 1” and “Auswahl 2” in 2 lines as expected :ok_hand:
  • I my KANBOARD: Below “The Test:” “Auswahl 1” and “Auswahl 2” in 1 single line :disappointed_relieved:

Seems to be a MarkdownPlus bug? Or did I miss something?
Can you reproduce that problem?

Maybe yes. :wink:
If you omit the leading ‘-’ char, the boxes will be rendered on one line, as you don’t get a Markdown list/enumeration then.

Foo Bar → not a list

  • Foo → this is a list
  • Bar


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Yes, it looks as if your test confirms my results. The list formatting is an alternative to my tailing
to heal the problem.

I’ll file an issue for that.

Created #27

What issue? It’s a Markdown feature.
It’s either a paragraph (horizontal) or a list (vertical), but you’re free to break your paragraphs with <br/>.