Unable to insert images in Markdown URL

Kanboard’s Markdown display is very limited, because it is impossible to display an image at from a URL with the line of code below :


Is there a solution for Kanboard to accept displaying an image from a URL?

(I know that one can save images as attachments and insert them descriptions and comments, but I just want to insert images as URL and not add them as attachments)

been awhile since ive used kanboard, but i dont recall ever having issues with inline images.

markdownplus will also add some more support, for markdown.

I am using Markdownplus, but this plugin does not allow embedding images by URL with the following command: ![image](https://......jpg)

i did not say markdownplus adds inline image support, i said it adds more markdown features.

one of those features is inline html.

ill let you figure out the rest.

I still do not remeber having issues with the normal command ![image](https://......jpg)

so, if i were you, id try uninstalling markdownplus, before resorting to inline html.

totally possible that markdownplus is interfering. also totally possible im crazy and the feature never existed…either way, i gave you 2 solutions.

im not crazy.

The following command works only with internal images


As on the example of the article you posted, This is a Kanboard URL :


He is it is impossible in the current state of Kanboard to display an external image by URL.
Ex :




No you are not crazy, but you did not understand my original question.

i am not crazy, and i did understand your original question:

and I literally just built a server to prove it :slight_smile:

tested with and without MarkdownPlus. Works flawlessly.

so the new question is…what are you doing wrong, or whats wrong with your server, not Kanboard.


An example in a real life project might help
@Nalla22: May be you create a small example project and invite someone from here for a test with common sources?