Add files in the comments

I would like to know if someone has tried to modify the code to be able to add pictures or files in the comments.
Thank you

how did you manage this Creecros? Is your image hosted on your server?
same wish here :

I believe it would be a really nice and useful functionality :
we have to upload files (image or not) to tasks but we always have to refer to them to explain what is this file…being able to add (a) file(s) along with a new comment would be perfect

thank you

Uploaded via task and then use markdown to show the uploaded image.

Think of the Attachments as a file repository for the task, and then in the comments section or even description, you use markdown to reference the files.


to reference with a download link use something like:

You can also include file references: [Download this file for your project][1]


to show inline image use:

Why do you need to edit the code?


Take a quick look at Markdown syntax to discover all the possibilities.


I thinks this feature can be implemented in core module task_has_files, just need add new column comment_id. it’s task file only when comment_id=0, otherwise comment file. but if we want use foreign key for consistency constraint
, need a new model CommentFileModel

it’s well used in many scenes, like support ticket system for customer. especially when user reply task with attachments via email.
also in usually we need comment with files/images inline too.

maybe need some rework on editor, integration screenshot and attachment support. just like gmail did in their editor. very usefull for common scenes. there is one I mentioned it Replace current editor.

@fred how about your opinion?

its realy interessting work for me :

  • tag all @all for notify all user of projet
  • copy past image directly in comment
  • pin comment to display it on top of task
    can be realy usefull