"Task2PDF", "PublicLink" and "Send Task By Email" only intgrate pictures from external sources

Effect as per Subject, see attached “screenshots” from PDF

Any Ideas how to persuade the pugin to show all pictures?



Problem is NOT limited to Task2PDF

Same ugly effect in Send Task per Email. Kanboard Attachment pictures aremissing, only the one from external source shown.

Also “Public Link” affected, see #2194

And not related to aplugin. I did a test in an extra instllation without any installed plugin, here the public link!

  • Expected: public link shows local “Attached Picture” with fire-fighting truck; and the “External picture”, a woman in front of bulue sky below
  • actual: only external picture shown.

“Task2PDF” will attach files that are “attached” to a task. Best I could do at the time I wrote it, it was over my head at the time.

What that means is, although the PDF isn’t rendering them, if you look at the files attached to the PDF, you will see the files. Find the Paperclip in Acrobat, and there you will see the attachments.

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Ah, thank you for the hint. Not optimum, because assignment of PDF attachments to PDF contents is not clear, but, of course, much better than no attachment at all.

But of course, best would be to have the images at their place in the PDF contents.

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So the good news is, after hours of hacking away trying to find a solution, I finally solved it. Talk about a pain in the ass. But I can make all the images display on the page.

Bad news is, I need to spend hours more hacking away at formatting the images to fit nicely on the page.
I’m just not good a front end styling and layout.

I am open to any assistance…i’m not sure I have it in me.

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I really really like good news.Thx

Unfortunately I can’t help at all.

I’m not either. But AFAIK, @aljawaid is a front end guy. :wink:

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i might have spoken too soon, i found a couple instances where dompdf just dies trying to interpret the screenshots in the description. not quite there yet.

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Never mind, I got it working again, so here is an example, before any formatting etc…just testing it will work with any internal kanboard images, including the Paste Image to Markdown plugin.


Now I need someone to fromat these…

Here is a WIP branch, which clearly has issue, as it is a Work In Progress.

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i appreciate the work you and all the other great contributers have done to make kanboard a very great and customisable tool.

I will be looking into it, if i can help with the formatting issue!

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If you need any explanations let me know.

It’s a bit different than normal frontend stuff, but for the most part, all the layouts are in the Template/printlayout folder. Those templates are only utilized for creating the print layouts, that get sent to dompdf to create the PDF. Aside from that, the print model and controller do a bit as well, mostly the model, which parses out the img tags src data, gets the img content, base64 encodes it, and replaces the src data, and then shoots it through the Markdown helper to handle the rest of the markdown, and finally that all gets sent to dompdf to create the pdf…

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Yes, thank you was about to ask about that but found there on my own! :slight_smile:

Ehm i think i got it, please correct me if im wrong. But you had it right, before you “fixed” it :smiley:

You removed the table you had in before which basically did any formatting you needed?

i created a pull request, please have a look at it and tell me if theres anything else to do. I will check back in from work tomorrow.


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that is a small portion of the issue.

Yes, I removed the table I originally had. Mainly because at the time I was only worried about getting the images to work, those were the easy ones tho. Although I would say, to ensure large images aren’t too large on the sheet, making the PDF 5 pages, it would be nice to thumbnail size those.

The main issue is in the “Description” of the task. You will need MarkdownPlus and PITM to test this, but here is the outcome:

results in:

The image is so large, it covers the description. I am not sure how to account for this.

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Ok that went past me earlier, was almost done with my time at work so i was a bit in a hurry ^^

This time i just created a style element (i dont think its important in which file it is lol, since you dont have a dedicated css file for the plugin) which limits images to 100% of the available space, which is defined in the respective containers they are in.

Works perfectly well for my new basic test environment:
Fresh Setup
Task2pdf, MarkdownPlus, PITM

I used to extremely large pictures (4480x1080 and 1080x4480) to test it, no weird behaviour whatsoever.

Since i am not a Frontend guy either, i wasted 4 hours trying to solve it in the backend but nope :confused:

	img {
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Ya i dont know, even with that, I’m getting a 10page PDF.


username: admin
pw: admin

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this doesnt work

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ya, try now, i was in the process of updating the package

its my dev server, so at any given time i could be doing something :slight_smile:

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