"Task2PDF", "PublicLink" and "Send Task By Email" only intgrate pictures from external sources

Effect as per Subject, see attached “screenshots” from PDF

Any Ideas how to persuade the pugin to show all pictures?



Problem is NOT limited to Task2PDF

Same ugly effect in Send Task per Email. Kanboard Attachment pictures aremissing, only the one from external source shown.

Also “Public Link” affected, see #2194

And not related to aplugin. I did a test in an extra instllation without any installed plugin, here the public link!

  • Expected: public link shows local “Attached Picture” with fire-fighting truck; and the “External picture”, a woman in front of bulue sky below
  • actual: only external picture shown.

“Task2PDF” will attach files that are “attached” to a task. Best I could do at the time I wrote it, it was over my head at the time.

What that means is, although the PDF isn’t rendering them, if you look at the files attached to the PDF, you will see the files. Find the Paperclip in Acrobat, and there you will see the attachments.

Ah, thank you for the hint. Not optimum, because assignment of PDF attachments to PDF contents is not clear, but, of course, much better than no attachment at all.

But of course, best would be to have the images at their place in the PDF contents.