Plugin Task2PDF: 'Print open Tasks' does not work ✅

For particular projects I see above mentioned problem. Before I open an Issue in the Plugin Project : Any ideas here how to do more tests to find the roots of the issue? Or even concerning the roots?

More details you find here in my Issues Project Task “Plugin Task2PDF: ‘Print open Tasks’ does not work” after having logged in to my Test Board with this user login data

Hey Rainer,

Sorry, but I cannot find such an option ‘Print open Tasks.’ Do I miss something?

EDIT: AFICS, the list of options in my board is somewhat longer. I assume, your ‘InterestedViewer’ has some limitation in effect.

Yes, Interested Viewer is only some Kind of “Guest”, mostly only viewing permissions.

I think we did what we can do. I told the developer about our test results.